December 11, 2016 monthly meeting

Minutes for December 11, 2016 Meeting
Steve Frank called the meeting to order at the Capri Restaurant at 7:40pm with 30 people in attendance (members & guests).
Change to last month’s minutes re: start time of today’s meeting, noted.
Treasurer’s Report
Opening Balance: $XXXXX
Deposit made: $XXX
Checks written:
                $XXXcash to Fritz
                $XXXXto Earve Brauer 
End balance: $XXXXX
Scott Herrmann made motion to approve. Seconded by Mary Gahl.
Old Business
Flea Market – Nothing new to report. Mailing meeting is Feb 5 at Tom & Sue’s house.
International Motorcycle Show – Feb 12, 2017. Tom is organizing the event and will provide more information as it is available.
Movie Nights – Paul & Gloria Misik will host the first movie night at their house in January. Date TBA.
Everyone bring a dish to pass and their own chair.
Christmas Banquet – Thank you to Sherry for organizing tonight’s banquet. She, in turn thanked Earve & Becky for picking up the flowers.
Personal Business
Jeff Sluiter thanked us for the flowers sent following his hospital stay.
The Rambows thanked us for the financial support.
New Business
Website – Earve shared that a link on the site was down. Steve is looking into it.
Next month’s meeting will be Thursday, Jan 19 at Mary’s Market in on State Street in Rockford.
Gift exchange took place before adjourning the meeting at 7:50pm.